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Need help with a battery replacement for your watch?

As well as repairs for damaged timepieces, if the battery on your watch has stopped working then visit Simon Marks Jewellery for battery replacement services in the London area. For further information, contact us today.

Specialist repairs in London for all makes of watch

You can rely on us to solve a wide range of problems with your watch, including coil repairs, circuit repairs, and much more.


Benefit from the expertise of our qualified watch company, who will be available to carry out any necessary watch repairs. Basic watch repairs such as watch battery replacements (subject to watch), watch link adjustments, spring bars and rivets can be done on site.


Any mechanism repairs such as stem, coil, circuit, movement, glass and dial repairs, need to be sent to our qualified watch company for an estimate to repair

Comprehensive range of watch repairs in London

- Watch repairs

- Battery replacement

- Resealing links

- Scratched glass

- Buttons repairs

- Stem repairs

- Circuit repairs

- Coil repairs

Contact us for watch repairs in London

020 8859 7272

Whether you want to have cosmetic damaged repaired or the mechanism in your watch broken, call today about our watch repairs in the London area.

Two gents' watches, one with a white face and one with a black face A watch with a large face